Thursday, February 2, 2012

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

59. My 1st Natural Washable Paper Fabric Bag

59. My 1st Natural Washable Paper Fabric Bag
Size: 12"x12"x3.5"

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

购买-汇钱-邮寄 Order-Payment-Shipping

要订購yú Handmade的朋友,请把:
  1. 手作号码:
  2. 手作名称:
  3. 姓名:
  4. 地址:
  5. 电话:
Email到 会尽快回复email。
当顾客汇钱到愚yú的Maybank户口,最好把汇钱单email给愚yú handmade。

Dear Customer, Please Email the following information to place your order:
  1. Handmade Number:
  2. Handmade Name:
  3. Full Name:
  4. Address:
  5. Contact/Tel:
Email to , i'll reply as soon as possible.
Once customer Bankin to yú's Maybank Account. Please email the payment slip to confirm the order.
*All order will be Confirm after payment are Banked in.
*Reservation for 3days only, if payment haven't transfer after 3days, order will be cancel.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

布料&订做单 Materials & Custom Made Order

有新布料了,很开心。 我的布料有限,所以一用(完)了就不可能在做一样的。这就是手作嘛~

Yeah!~ so happy, All the new materials made my day~~ can't wait to make~~ haha.. give me sometime, ok?

Thousand Sorry, for those who wan do custom made order.
Because i have a lot of different materials, and the design finishing are not that perfect sometime when we used different materials for different design. Hope all of you understand. Thanks you very much~